Dolls cot for customer

I was asked if we had thought of making dolls cots, my reply was no, but we will give anything a go, by we I mean me and my group of other volunteers I lead in my Involve Kent sheds group. Here is a picture of what was made, not finished yet, 
but customer loved the picture, also made a dolls bed.


I also got a text today from the Demelza chartiy shop in Maidstone asking if I wanted to make more shopping bags for them. So I am busy busy busy, doing as much as I can for local Charities.

Second Shed Meeting

Hi Folk

Well my second involve shed meeting went well, I had a new chap start and he got on great with the other shedders and me, I am looking forward to my next meeting on the 23rd.

I have been spending time trying to source wood for our group to use and have been given a couple of contacts who can supply us with wood, actually very nice wood, suitable for making more things to sell in the involve shop in the Mall, Maidstone.

I have tried contacting other local companies for various items, but I am disappointed when they don’t even bother to reply, I know if I ran a company and someone made enquiries, for a charity or otherwise, I would reply no matter if I could help or not.


My Shed Group

I put the 13th but it was in fact the 12th of Jan.

Well the group started and although not everyone turned up I am sure it will be a success, we didn’t do a lot due to me rearranging the entire workshop. I spent the whole of the 12th and 13th changing it around to give both groups more room to work, I will add some pictures soon and some of the items we make.

I have not done much on the sewing side of things over the past month, but I am looking forward to making some patchwork quilted goods, I did make a table runner before Christmas and apart from the binding around the edge not being to my liking it went well.

Keep an eye out for updates on this and the Sheds group.




New year news

Hi, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I appreciate not everyone may have had but hope it wasn’t  to bad.

OK news….starting Jan 13th I start a men in sheds group, I am involved in one as a volunteer, but on the 13th I start my own group.

The idea of the men in sheds group, is for men who have had problems with self esteem, panic attacks, loss of confidence and other mental health problems. The idea is we get together once a week to make items from wood, such as bird nest boxes, feed tables and whatever else we can, to sell in the shop for the charity. The idea is giving the men a goal/aim will help build up things they have lost and feel better about themselves, it worked for me enough for me to start another group and hopefully it will help them to rebuild their lives, even if its just a little then its working. Funding for the group can be a problem, this is not my domain, but I like to source wood etc through recycling sites and Gumtree. I will keep you updated how the group goes over the next coming weeks.